How to- Dress for a Dubstep Concert

Ever been to a concert and realized that you shouldn’t have worn that? Be it those really cute heels, or that extra layer of clothes you can’t wait to peel off-we’ve all had those moments. So we’re here to save you some grief at your next Dubstep concert!!!


Once again less is usually always going to be more at any concert-especially dubstep.

Can you imagine being all tucked up in that Grandma sweater in the middle of this…? Yeah, we thought so.

I [Taylor] even regret wearing this shirt over my bra. I probably should have just gone in my underwear, and I would have been a lot happier.

Here’s the end of the night recap (and hopefully these tips will help you guys out in the future).

1. Once again, Less is More; After 5 1/2 hours ass deep in dubstep we were drenched. I wrung out my cheetah print sweater and it was ridiculous the amount of ick that squeezed out.

2. Do not wear dangling earrings. They will get pulled on and could possibly rip your earlobes-Ouch! Plus, they’ll be smacking you in the side of the face all day and that gets old quickly.

3. Just don’t wear any jewelry-period. This is really hard for me to type, seeing as this is a blog run by jewelry designers, but don’t do it. You’re smushed in a crowd and arms will go swinging and after being hit in the face repeatedly by a giant cocktail ring all night, I have to say that this should definitely be a rule of thumb. Plus, when you sweat a lot, most of our costume jewelry will leave nasty green traces on our skin and that’s not a cute look.

4. Wear your most comfortable shoes. Imagine yourself running from a crazy killer or a pack of Zombies. What shoes are you wearing in that daydream? Those are the shoes you are going to want to wear to a Dub Step concert. Trust me, your feet will thank you later. Doneri and I only got away with wearing heels because we’re freaks of nature and those are the most comfortable shoes to us-we know, we’re weird. Oh and as a side note, be prepared to have your toes crushed. No matter what shoes you have on, you’re toes will be smashed-so we might suggest your cutest pair of steel toed boots.

5. And finally, DO NOT keep anything of value in your pockets. When you are really getting into that concert you will get wild and you will dance and shit will fall out of your pockets and then 5 hours later you’ll realize that your Ipod Touch is lost forever… : (

This is why there aren’t more photos in this post. So enjoy this final video taken from my  lost Ipod and hope you have fun at your next concert!

Besos : D


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